Managed IT

Rely on the team at Osmicro Networks for Managed IT Services that provide more value for your budget, and more productivity for your teams.


When you partner with Osmicro Networks to provide Managed IT for your SMB, you’ll hand over complete management, maintenance, and support of your technology layer to our team of IT experts. We have the expertise to perform all IT roles with efficiency, which alleviates the burden and expense of hiring for multiple in-house IT positions.

We will efficiently work alongside your existing IT staff, empowering your leadership to focus on growth, rather than worrying about day-to-day technology oversight. Our managed services are implemented based on ITIL frameworks and industry best practices, and you’ll always have access to the most advanced technology solutions, system upgrades, and security enhancements. Each service we provide is tailored to the needs of your business, and we pride ourselves on creating technology solutions that outperform the competition.

  • Flat rate pricing allows easy budgeting
  • Reduces internal hiring burden
  • Improves productivity and provides business continuity
  • Implements automation and improved workflows
  • Provides single point of contact for all vendors
  • Protects valuable business and customer data
  • No additional IT training or costly upgrades
  • Ideal for your hybrid workforce


Small businesses and startups often lack the resources available to constantly adapt their security measures to account for evolving internal and external threats. This makes SMBs a perennial target for cybercriminals, as hackers know that network security measures at smaller organisations are easier to circumvent.

Hackers are relentless, but so are we. Osmicro CyberSuite360 is included in your Managed Services package, and effectively safeguards against spoofing, theft of customer data, security breaches, and ransomware attacks. With focused staff training options, you can also prepare your employees to recognize threats or phishing attempts, while giving them the resources to take preventative action and present a united front against online hackers. Learn more about CyberSuite360.

  • Advanced antivirus and ransomware protection
  • Web browsing and Email Security
  • Staff  Cyber Training and Testing
  • Stolen Passwords Monitoring
  • Monitoring, data analytics, and reporting


Routine preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring longevity and optimal performance of your network systems, servers, and software installations. Our team will identify potential problems before they cause downtime, which is not only disruptive to your teams, but can also mean lost profits. Osmicro’s advanced monitoring systems are tailored to look for failure indicators, and will proactively alert us before disaster strikes.

Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance is essential in keeping systems running at optimal performance levels, while ensuring they remain free of problematic issues. With Osmicro as your Managed Services provider, you don’t have to spend one more second worrying about maintenance. We’re always on top of it.

  • Workstations and Servers Health Monitoring
  • Regular Systems Maintenance
  • Systems and Software Updates
  • Network Maintenance


No bots here. We understand that our clients deserve real human support to solve their most urgent IT problems, any time of the day or night. Our Australian-based service experts and strong escalation procedures ensure quick and competent responses to all requests and incidents. If onsite assistance is required, Osmicro has engineers available in every state, who are standing by to ensure timely resolution of your complex IT issues.

  • Australian service Desk
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Desktop button for support requests
  • Single point of contact for all vendors
  • Skilled and competent support analysts


Get in touch with us if you have any questions, need a quote or want to work with us.