Digital Media & Advertising Services We Provide

The impact of not having the right digital presence can be devastating for a business, whether it’s a startup or and existing business. Time flies, new competition is popping up everywhere and if you business is not on the right path it’s only a matter of time when it disappears.

We provide range of products and services to place your business where it should be at affordable costs.

Value of having us as your digital partner is that we will put efforts to identify what size suits your business and treat your project with care and in-depth analysis before execution.

When done right, return on investment is clear.

What we offer

  • 1. Website Design

    The most important segment of your business, website is how people get to know you before they get to know you, it is the first impression.

  • 2. Digital and Print Graphics Design

    Picture speaks a thousand words, when done right, digital or printed graphics speak volumes.

  • 3. Online Forms and Booking Systems

    Very convenient and almost automated process of accepting new customers, patients, bookings etc.

  • 4. Web & Email Hosting

    Private and locally hosted on our own server infrastructure in Australia

  • 5. eCommerce Development

    eCommerce web shops are by far the most popular way to buy products and services in Australia

  • 6. SEO Services

    Often abused and overcharged by SEO companies, at Osmicro, we will analyse and advise exactly what SEO strategy will work best for your target market and brand promotion

  • 7. Digital and Print Advertising

    Digital advertising services on Google, Social websites and all other mediums including printed

  • 8. Google Ads Expert Services

    We are experts in SMB Google Advertising with proven track record and measurable results

  • 9. Social Media Management

    Social media is very important, but most business owners don’t have time for it. We can handle it for you